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Attention Laguna Niguel Residents! DO NOT Call Another Tree Service Company Before You Your This or You’ll End Up Paying More than You Should

That’s right. Hiring the wrong tree service company in Laguna Niguel, CA would cost you more than you think. How so?

See, starting a tree service business in Laguna Niguel, CA is not that hard. One one need is a truck and a chain saw. Or so they think.

What they don’t realize is that attracting clients for their tree trimming and tree pruning services is the hard part. And since no one knows these new-found tree service companies the only way for them to drum up some business is to charge less.

And who doesn’t love a bargain price? I do, and so do you. But you get what you pay for. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right tree service business the first time. It’s not that hard and below are a few things to look for when interviewing tree service contractors in Laguna Niguel, CA.

1. Business insurance

Accidents are very common during tree trimming and pruning work. A comprehensive tree trimming service should be able to offer insurance coverage which will save you from the responsibility to spend for any property damage that can happen during the tree trimming and pruning.

When you deal with a tree trimming company that does not offer insurance, you will be accountable for paying for or repairing for any damage that occurred to your or your neighbor’s home during the trimming.

2. List of past and returning clients

Obtaining testimonials from past clients is one reliable way of assessing the tree care provider’s performance. If you are talking to a past client, ask them when was the last time they used provider’s service and why they discontinued. If they are a returning client, what makes them loyal to the tree service provider’s service?

3. Membership with a trade association

If your tree trimming provider is serious enough about their business that most often than not would join a trade association. This is a sign of commitment to continuous improvement. They are most likely receiving support from their association and following certain guidelines and standards.

4. Detailed estimate in writing

As a customer, getting hit with hidden charges and unexpected fees is a big no-no. When your provider is willing to give a written estimate, it offers an additional layer of trust and security to you. If they don’t proactively give you such, it’s also okay to ask for it.

5. Time Frame

Lastly, unless there are unexpected situations, a trusted tree service business should always be willing to commit to a time frame in completing the project. More often than not a tree service provider that does not want to stick to deadlines can spell potential trouble.

How tell if it’s time to have my trees trimmed?

Taking good care of your trees pays off, no doubt. Regular trimming prevents spread of disease and boosts the process of photosynthesis in plants, promoting the trees’ overall health. More importantly regular elimination of excess branches and leaves promotes safety for you as dwellers as well as for your neighbors.

With regular maintenance, trees can add a layer of style to your home and enhance the property’s overall value.

Fortunately it is not very hard to perform light pruning yourself to keep them in good state as long as you have the right cutting tools, but a bigger makeover definitely requires help from experienced tree service experts.

Proper trimming calls for a perfect time and frequency depending on tree size and species but more importantly, it should be the right people to get the work done.

Five important questions to ask yourself before making that call:

1. Have your trees gone close to power lines, cables or block road views?

2. Are your trees already touching your roof or any part of you or your neighbor’s home?

3. Are you seeing dead or loosely hanging branches that might cause an accident anytime?

4. Has it been more than three years since you last got your trees trimmed?

5. Do your trees look unkempt, out of shape, or unappealing?

If you found yourself answering yes to any of the questions above you need to call a contractor to do your tree trimming.

Why You Should Consider Hiring the Laguna Niguel Tree Service Pros?

Laguna Niguel Tree Service Pros prides itself for being a local, family owned and operated business. It is part of our family legacy to deliver quality tree trimming services to Laguna Niguel and neighboring areas.

We think ahead and plan for our projects to last for a long time until the next pruning schedule.

We really value that we work with our patrons to understand their needs and find the most resourceful way possible to help them maximize the potential of their outdoor spaces. A well-designed and maintained yard and lawn enhances the aesthetics appeal of your home and improves the longevity of your trees.

Tree Trimming Cost in Laguna Niguel, CA

When you call us for an initial consultation, we will discuss your situation and tell you what we think needs to be done. Based on the provided information we will give you an initial estimate over the phone but for a detailed estimate we will have to schedule an on-site visit.

During the onsite surveying we will be able to identify your trees, make a more accurate calculation and plan out the workflow with you so you can inform family members and prepare ahead.

Finally, we will give you a detailed estimate in writing and finalize the time frame for completing the pruning work.

A reliable tree cutting service provider would be more than happy to assist you through their process and answers your burning questions! We at Laguna Niguel Tree Service are ready to take your call anytime.

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