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Warning Laguna Niguel! If You are Looking for a Reliable Tree Service Company for Your Tree Removal Job You Need to Read This or You’ll End Up Paying More for Service

tree removal laguna niguel caMake sure to read of this article if you plan on hiring a tree service company in Laguna Niguel California. In here we will share tips and tricks on how to find a reliable tree service contractor.

Choosing the wrong company for your tree removal job will cost you time and money. More on that in a moment.

Before contacting a tree removal company in Laguna Niguel California, note that you might be required to secure a permit from Laguna Niguel’s Planning Services Division for removing trees.

Certain tree varieties would need you to get fill in and submit the Specimen Tree Removal Tree Permit to the concerned city department first.

The best thing to do is consult Laguna Niguel’s official website for more information but basically, trees of the Quercus (oak), Schinus (pepper), and Platanus (sycamore) kinds requires consent from the department first. If you are to work on any type of the oak tree with a trunk measuring twenty five (25) inches or larger in circumference, or any tree of the pepper and sycamore varieties with a trunk measuring fifty (50) inches or larger in circumference, you would need to fill in the Specimen Tree Removal Permit to Laguna NIguel’s Planning Services Division. Keep in mind that measurements of circumference shall be taken at a point four (4) feet above ground level.

You may download the said permit from the link below:

Always have the copy of these permits handy as soon as you start the tree removal process. Moreover, the tree service company you hired would need a certificate of liability insurance in case the procedure causes any damage to the belongings in the immediate area.

Call us to find out if you need this permit. If you do but you don’t have the time or inclination to get it, we might be able to help you by applying for the permit on your behalf.

How to Find a Good Tree Removal Company in Laguna Niguel California

tree service laguna niguel For sure you would need to find an insured and competent tree service contractor for your tree removal project.

Unfortunately there are many tree service providers in Orange County who work without proper training and authorization. Apart from that not all licensed tree service providers can get the job done.

For that reason when hiring a dependable tree service provider, it is very important that you take your time. Here is six significant questions to ask when talking to prospective tree service contractors in Laguna Niguel.

1. Can you show me proof of business insurance?
2. How long have you been in business?
3. Can you provide me with a list of references?
4. Are you member of any local or national trade associations?
5. Will you provide me with a detailed estimate in writing?
6. If damages to my property occur during the tree removal process who’s going to be responsible?

These questions are quite straightforward but you definitely need to spend time to evaluate several tree service providers in Laguna Niguel, CA.

We know you might be too busy to find the time tat takes to interview a dozen tree service providers or you probably just want to avoid it alltogether, so give us a call straight away for that surefire bonded and high quality tree removal work you want.

Why Choose the Laguna Niguel Tree Service Pros for Your Tree Removal Job in Laguna Niguel CA – Excellent Service is Just One Reason

tree service orange county Laguna Niguel Tree Services Pros is not a franchise. We are a local, family-owned tree service company that strives to provide the best tree tree pruning, stump removal, tree removal and tree trimming service in Laguna Niguel. After all word of mouth travels fast and if we don’t exceed our clients’ expectations we would become history very fast.

Through our more than 30 years of experience in the tree service business we have become masters of our craft.

We offer you peace of mind (we are licensed,bonded and insured tree service provider). Guaranteed, no damage expense bill will show up at your doorsteps in case of unintentional damage to surrounding property!

Here’s what you could expect if you decide to hire us for your tree removal project in Laguna Niguel:

tree trimming laguna niguelTo give you an idea, this is normally how tree removal is performed:

1. Access and marking out where all utilities are near the tree to be removed.
2. Cleaning and spraying of areas next to extraction area to prevent any further decay
3. Removal of branches from each tree and stripping them of other smaller ones as well
4. Sawing down the tree stump from top to bottom.
5. Removal of the tree stump and other underground stump branch out areas.

We would be willing to do special procedures for exceptional cases.

Tree Removal Cost in Laguna Niguel CA and Why Not All Tree Removal Jobs are Created Equal

tree stump removal laguna niguelWe know this is a major question and frankly, the answer is it depends! When you call us for an estimate we will give you our best guess based on the information provided by you.

If you think that our tree removal request sounds reasonable, we will visit your site for a more accurate estimate that’s given to you in writing.

Next, we will walk you through the work plan and work with you to prepare ahead for things such as moving patio and outdoor furniture, or informing neighbors.

One thing to keep in mind when making a decision on hiring a tree service company is that some tree service contractors offer a lower estimate as a way to get the job only to turn around and start charging extra for this and that?

We are certainly not one of them. That’s why we will give you an estimate in writing.

Stump Removal and Grinding Cost in Laguna Niguel California

tree to be cutIt’s important for you to know tat tree removal does not include stump removal.

What that means is that there is a separate charge for this service. On that note, you have the choice not to get the stump removed and opt-in for stump grinding.

The good news is that you might be able to do it yourself. It’s relatively easy as long as you have the right tools (that can be rented for cheap at your local hardware store).

If you don’t want to do it yourself, the fee to have the stump removed is nominal and we will be happy to do it for you.

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