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Tree Service Laguna Niguel CA – Tree Trimming & Removal

Tree Service Laguna Niguel CA – a Tree Care Company You Can Trust

I know, I know, everyone says that – trust us, we are the best but when we say it, we mean it. We’ve been serving businesses and residents in Laguna Niguel for over 20 years and there’s nothing when it comes to trees that we haven’t seen.

What that means for you is that no matter what you need done – tree trimming, tree or stump removal, pruning or crowning we can get the job done on time and within budget.

We have the knowledge and the experience required to complete even the most challenging tree jobs.

Even though we started our tree service business in Laguna Niguel as a one man show more than 20years ago now we have a fleet of 4 trucks and 12 tree care specialists that stay up to date with the latest tree care trends and techniques.

Beware – Not All Providers of Tree Services in Laguna Niguel are Created Equal

It’s relatively easy to start a tree service business in Laguna Niguel CA. All one needs is a chainsaw and a beat up truck. And as a matter of fact a lot of people do start a tree care and maintenance business. We’ve lost track of allĀ  all “competitors” who didn’t last more than a season.

With that being said – beware of them, they advertise cheap prices on tree removal or tree trimming services in Laguna Niguel just to lure you into hiring them. After they get their foot in the door they hit you with extra fees for this and that and you end up paying a small fortune.

We all love to save money but that can cost you big time. Here’s why.

These here today – gone tomorrow Laguna Niguel tree service companies don’t carry proper insurance nor do have the knowledge to do even the simplest tree care job.

If yours or your neighbor’s property gets damaged while they are doing work they are off the hook, you can’t make them pay. Yes, you can take them to court but even if you win good luck collecting from them.

In the meantime you;ll have to pay out of pocket to cover the property damages and we are talking thousands of dollars here and more likely than not your property insurance company won’t cover.

When you hire us for your next tree job you know you’re hiring a company that’s properly insured and have the knowledge and experience to do the job right the first time.

List of Services We Offer in Laguna Niguel

No matter what your tree job is, we can get it done as we have done it over the years for many residential and commercial customers in Laguna Niguel. To see what they say about our work check out the reviews they left us on both Google and Yelp.

With that being said our main tree services are:

  1. Tree trimming
  2. Tree removal in Laguna Niguel, CA
  3. Tree shaping
  4. Tree pruning
  5. Tree stump removal and grinding

In case they you don’t see the tree service that you need – give us a call and we will discuss it. One of the things that makes us different from all tree care service providers in Orange County is that we work with each and every client to customize our services to their needs.

Who Can Benefit the Most from Our Tree Care Services in Laguna Niguel

As I mentioned earlier, 20 years ago we started our tree care business as a one man show offering basic tree services like pruning and crowning. As word of mouth spread we started getting calls not only from Orange County homeowners but businesses as well.

Nowadays, our business is evenly split between commercial and residential clients. What’s great about it is that we borrow ideas from our residential customers and applied them to the business ones and vice versa and we often hear that creativity is one of the things that our clients like about us.

Below you can find a short list of the client who benefit the most from our services:

  • Homeowners
  • Landowners
  • Facility managers
  • Municipalities

Our Guarantee and What’s Next

People often ask what makes us different and why they should choose us instead of any of the other tree service companies. So, here’s what makes us different:

  • Experience – all our team members have at least five years of experience and are up to date with the latest in the industry
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind
  • Our quotes are binding, meaning you won’t pay a dime more than what were quoted
  • We show up on time every time. Most of the times we do the job in homeowner’s absence so they don’t have to take time off work thus saving them money
  • We clean after ourselves. No, not everybody does it but with us you know your property will be left clean.

What you have to do next is to give us a call and discuss your tree job with one of our experienced tree care specialists.

Directions to Laguna Niguel National Park. Head north on Mariposa. Turn left toward Cabot Rd. Turn right onto Cabot Rd. Turn left onto Crown Valley Pkwy. Turn right onto La Paz Rd. Arrive at 28241 La Paz Rd, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677.

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